Hi Friends, I am


It all began with a burning passion for storytelling, ignited during my time as a yearbook photographer in high school where I pursued the Vis Com Program. This initial spark led me to embrace photography further as I joined The Post at Ohio University, where I had the privilege of documenting historical moments and photo essays/stories through my lens. In 2023, I proudly received my degree in Visual Communications, specializing in photojournalism.

My unwavering pursuit is to freeze time and encapsulate the raw essence of each unfolding moment. However, my passion extends beyond the realm of the camera and photographs; to me, forging genuine connections holds the utmost importance. It is a profound honor to have been entrusted with capturing the narratives of countless lives, sharing their unique stories with the world, and crafting something truly extraordinary. Whether it's the cherished moments of your senior year, or senior night for your dedicated sport my ultimate goal is to weave together the threads of your unique journey, one frame at a time.