Media Day with Packard Productions and the Lady Bees of the BBHHS Volleyball team

I came to the Brecksville Volleyball team to see if they'd like a Media Day for their social media and for parents to have keepsake images and graphics that will last them their entire lives and high school careers. My concept was to create punchy and moody images for their Media Day to show they mean business when the Lady Bees step on the court.

We used a glowing "light saber" as I like to say and then brought in studio lighting to capture their energy that we later turned into graphics for their Instagram and to create hype for their Fall 2023 season. Thank you to all who made this possible and to the players who were great to work with this season.

Assistance and lighting equipment from Phil Packard with Packard Productions L.L.C. A special thank you to him for providing his help after his long school day.

Photos done by: Ryan Grzybowski

Graphics made by: Ryan (Inspired by OSU Football)

Location: Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School

Coach: Sonja Williams and assistant coach, Amy Dubasak